Core value

Power of Han-Sient

Power of products: selecting high quality ingredients

Power of brands: self-produced ingredients and our own label products

Power of techniques: setting up the system of quality control and of

                     examination to create distinguished management strategies


Grow and develop        

Han-Sient Trading Co., Ltd was founded in 2001. At first, Han-Sient focused on Health Food, Dairy Products, Supply of Drinks Ingredient and service platform of technology. In 2003, Hen-Sient built our own laboratory and set up the system of developing and researching Diary Products, Drinks and Health Food, and of quality control. In 2007, Han-Sient built BCCN (Best center of Cellular Nutrition) for active compound analysis. In 2012, Han-Sient established branched company “ Shanghai Han-Sient Food Biotech Co., Ltd” in Shanghai, China. In 2014, Han-Sient established first factory in Taipei.

High quality and professional

Han-Sient owns complete and professional knowledge of food industry and high quality service platform. Now Han-Sient, from selecting ingredients, marketing, designing formula to commercializing products, has cooperated with international and domestic trading companies and academic units to provide high quality products.

Trust and responsible

Laboratory: Professional researchers and advanced instruments could provide stable quality of ingredients

ODM Service: We provide customized formulation and competitive high quality products for our customers.

Valuable partnership

Now our customers have included big food manufactories in Taiwan, pharmaceutical factories, health food manufacturers, channel customers, direct selling companies, biotechnology companies and food factories, cosmetics and care products companies. Han-Sient sincerely hopes that during the process of our development, we can simultaneously grow up with customers by virtue of our professional techniques and the highest quality service.